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Aurie Styla, a young entertainer/DJ from London is mostly known for his performing as a stand-up comedian, presenter (TV, Stage & Clubnight) and DJing skills. Anyone who has seen him perform will remember his charisma, tongue-in-cheek banter and fluid delivery.

Since 2010, Aurie (affectionately nicknamed 'Captain') Styla has taken the definitive path of a stand-up comedian, but has been on stage since he was 15.

Up to now, Aurie has had the pleasure of working with the likes of Will.I.Am, Cheryl Cole, Wayne Rooney, Big Sean, Keri Hilson... Comedians such as Wil Sylvince, Will. E. Robo, Richard Blackwood, Eddie Kadi, and many more.

He has also performed for companies such as ITV, Gold Rush TV, LOL Show, Luminar Leisure, Haringey Council, MUSE, Da Bounce in Holland, the list goes on...

Definitely an DJ and entertainer to look out for... For those who do not know, you will find out very soon.

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