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Matt M has been Djing for about 5 years now, since being thrown in at the deep end on his first ever gig in front of 5000 kids for an outdoor Cub-Scouting event, as the originally booked DJ was late, he has honed his DJing skills and has never looked back.

He is passionate about entertaining and will go that extra mile to ensure EVERYONE in the room has a great time.

Matt is also the managing director of Just Discos sister company Just Kids Parties so he know exactly how to run the most incredible Kids discos.

Matt has also DJed at many prestigious hotels for some really extravagant and amazing weddings (The Langham, The Dorcester, The Waldolf Astoria) and hosted and DJed for many corperate events including The Bloomsbury Big Top, The Rembrant Hotel Knightsbridge, Holiday Inn Bloomsbury to name but a few.

Matt has been in the performing industry for over 20 years with a varied career including modelling, dancing, TV presenting and touring the World as a member of a Boy Band!!

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